UMHS Room and Resource Scheduling

This site can be used to request conference rooms within the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) and the University of Michigan Medical School.

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Please remember that sensitive information, such as ePHI, Social Security Numbers, or other regulated data should not be submitted to this system. If you have a specific issue that necessitates us requiring this information, please call the MSIS Solutions Center Service Desk directly at (734)763-7770 You can also submit a request or send us an email at


Towsley Center & Schedulon

Beginning January 22nd, you will be able to reserve the Towsley Center (including Dow Auditorium, Sheldon Auditorium, the Towsley Lobby, and the Towsley Dining Room) using Schedulon. Reservations that have already been made through Towsley Center staff will be honored. However, you are responsible for arranging any services (e.g. audio visual, catering) that support your event. After January 22nd, please contact the MSIS Service Desk (734-763-7770 or ) for questions regarding your reservation.

Audiovisual Services

Starting on March 1st, MSIS will manage and provide audiovisual services for Towsley Center. If you require projection, or other audiovisual service please use Schedulon to request these resources. Be aware audiovisual services from MSIS are fee based, and requests should be made two weeks in advance. Towsley Center staff will be not be available to provide support services during events.

Catering and Other Services

Lastly, customers of the space will need to work directly with their own selected caterers and vendors to arrange service for their events. This includes coordination of the set-up and tear down of tables, chairs, linens, equipment and any food and/or beverage needs. A list of preferred vendors is available on the Towsley Center web site: Be aware there are staff and custodial charges for events held outside normal business hours.